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Giving is good for business

28th February 2018

A business is not an island. It is successful when it supports as well as serves its community. Instinctively I am sure you knew this, but now thanks to our research we have the evidence. Today, we launch the findings of our new study which shows that giving is good for business.

We commissioned a survey of 100 small and medium-sized businesses. You can read more here:

Key findings include:

– 68% of businesses who give to charity report a positive impact on profits.

– The more they give, the more benefits they report, including enhanced company reputation, improved recruitment and retention of staff as well as increased profits.

Customers and consumers now expect businesses to give back, and reward those who to do so. But there is still more work to be done – 1 in 4 businesses surveyed have yet to give, and only 20% give regularly. Shockingly the business community only contributes 2% of total charitable donations.

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