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Distraction Awareness

27th March 2019

Do you know the effect of distractions on your driving performance? How safe are you on the road – and those who drive while going about your business?
These are just some of the big questions which the Distraction Awareness Education offered by Hampshirebased Classic Race Simulators can answer for you.
As you and your staff contend with longer journeys, heavier traffic and the rise in tech in all vehicles, it’s a sure bet that everyone is at increased risk of becoming distracted – with potentially damaging consequences for all involved, including your business.
That’s why Jim Hill of Classic Race Simulators is now offering a valuable, and increasingly popular, training designed to raise awareness of the dangers of driving distractions and deliver a positive change in employee behaviour on the road.
“The distractions which are all around us as we’re driving have grown massively, alongside the levels of traffic on our roads,” Jim says.
“It’s quite alarming to think that nearly threequarters of drivers in the UK have admitted to multitasking while at the wheel – be it having a working lunch, trying to speak on a handsfree phone, dealing with noisy children, or working their satnav or entertainment systems.
“These all create extra pressure behind the wheel, which in turn, brings stress and tiredness. Yet issues such as adverse weather and traffic buildup require a driver’s full attention – not that of a distracted driver.”
As one of the “Fatal 4” it shouldn’t come as any surprise that in between a quarter and half of all traffic accidents, a distracted driver is a contributing factor – causing not just fatalities and serious injuries, but other massive costs in the shape of lost working time, potential litigation and
the need for expensive repairs.
“A wealth of other human factors also has a bearing on whether drivers are keeping their full attention on the road – but knowledge and awareness of distractions can play a major part in helping reduce errors and influence changes in behaviour,” adds Jim.
The Distraction Awareness Education in addition to being team fun can really drive home the full scope of the possible risks any driver exposes themselves and other road users to when they become distracted, he says. y or visit the website to find out more.
“And it’s important for employers to remember that their duty of care for their employees extends to when they are out on the road – you need to look at the controls needed to prevent harm to those you are putting at risk, and that means not just your own drivers, but others on the road.”
Instilling high standards when it comes to driving behaviour and the potential consequences of employees’ risktaking will, Jim points out, not only keep them safe, but can also enhance the way your business is seen by clients and others in the same field – and that, in turn, can lead to greater job satisfaction.
Better still, an increased awareness of the effects of distractions is likely to bring fewer accidents, less lost work time, and business cost savings.
The Distraction Awareness Education uses bespoke software to put drivers facetoface with a variety of potential distractions, then calculates how much each one decreases their driving performance. At the end of each session the participants are presented with an individual report starkly highlighting the effect of each distraction.
Classic Race Simulators can bring the Distraction Awareness Education to your place of work or site taking a maximum of 45 minutes per session thereby minimising time “off the job”. “With the capacity to train up to 150 staff in a day, for as little as £35 a head, this represents a relatively lowcost way for your business to demonstrate that it cares about its employees,” points out Jim
Statistics show that drivers under 30 are most likely to be distracted at the wheel so Classic Race Simulatora offer that for every event we run for a local business we will run an event for a local College.
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