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Climate, Business, Community and filling the Skills Gap

16th August 2021

In response to the global climate emergency and the national effort to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero, Brooklands College is taking positive action towards becoming net-zero. We are therefore very keen to engage with any employers who are making similar commitments and would welcome the opportunity to work together on this most pressing agenda. Be part of the global campaign and ‘Race to Zero’ with us. Contact Executive Director Andy Russell if you would like to know more email

As industry regains momentum Brooklands College is delivering many flexible learning options. We have the expertise and can work in partnership to develop, source and implement any training needs your company needs.

We have a range of short courses, accredited Continued Professional Development (CPD) and Personal Development offers at low cost to help your staff develop their skills at a time to suit them. With support and encouragement from our specialist tutors and a dedicated online platform, this way of learning can form part of continuing professional development helping staff to build confidence and up to date knowledge in specialist areas.

Courses available:

Employers have the opportunity to work with us to develop their company through our Apprenticeships and training solutions. We can build bespoke programmes to meet your particular business demands and in partnership we can help your business grow. Email: Link: