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A strong voice for Spelthorne

18th March 2021

Spelthorne Borough Council is refreshing and realigning its corporate plan which will earmark four ‘CARE’ priorities; Community wellbeing, Affordable homes provision, Recovery and Environment for delivering services and supporting residents in the Borough.

The Council has been at the forefront of helping businesses and residents during the pandemic and has paid out more than £18m in business grants and supported over 17,000 vulnerable residents through the Community Hub ‘Support4Spelthorne’ initiative.

The proposals will refocus the Council’s priorities overseen by the administration in tandem with the management team, reinforcing the strength of relationship between Councillors and Officers.

Leader of the Council, John Boughtflower, said: “Our residents are at the very heart of this process to shape the future of our Borough through this new corporate strategy. Through engaging with residents, we have done lots of listening and learning and we will continue to understand what residents and businesses expect from us. Our new priorities set out how we aim to grow our local economy by attracting investment and supporting businesses – especially those that are desperately trying to recover from the effects of Covid-19. We believe these priorities are the right ones to ensure Spelthorne Borough remains a great place to live, work and invest in. I am proud of the progress we have made so far, and a key factor has been the support we have received from our partners, residents, and businesses.

It is important to recognise that these proposals have been developed against a backdrop of huge challenges and an ongoing health and economic fallout because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of strong financial management these proposals will look to a future where we will help connect people and places, enhance and protect our environment, support our communities to reach their potential, promote prosperity and, importantly, continue to deliver and innovate. There are always opportunities to become more efficient and effective and we will work with you over the coming years to provide a thriving and sustainable future for current and future generations.”

Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Community Wellbeing and Housing, Cllr Maureen Attewell said, “To include ‘Community’ in the agenda for this authority demonstrates that we are putting residents first and supporting them through our holistic view of community wellbeing is essential. Our strong response to the Covid-19 pandemic has recently been praised by the Local Government Association peer review and the support that we offer, particularly for our elderly and vulnerable residents. Covid-19 has given us an opportunity at a Borough level to look at our community wellbeing services, and I believe this Council will continue to lead the way in revolutionising how support is delivered. I am proud of how this Council has connected people together and supported residents. How this community has come together and championed each other at this time is incredibly inspiring. We are also prioritising affordable housing provision and are the driving force behind many of the affordable home schemes that are currently being progressed in the Borough and we recognise the importance of this provision.”

Cllr Jim McIlroy, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for the Local Plan and Assets adds, “If there’s one thing Covid-19 made clear – we can achieve great things if we work together towards a common goal. And it was with that learning in mind new council priorities have been created to align and under-pin our decision-making and help keep us all on the same page moving forward.

“These proposals will clearly set out how we’ll regenerate this Borough to become a greener and more economically vibrant area with healthier, happier and more prosperous communities. We must work with our communities on the issues that matter to them, ensuring a ‘Residents First’ approach, breaking down barriers, showing leadership and operating at an efficient pace to deliver on these priorities. Decisions will be made to tackle climate change and improve our environment while working with residents and partners to redevelop assets for the long-term future of our towns and villages.”

The new strategy will see climate change and green recovery as a priority – as well as highlighting how the local authority will continue to work with partners to support communities hit hardest by Covid-19 to aid economic recovery.