Forthcoming Event

PHYSICAL: Surrey Technology Forum: AI In The Workplace

Tuesday 06/07/2021

Event Time: 12:00 - 14:00

Event Theme: Topical

Price: Member Rate: £20.00 +VAT | Non Member Rate: £30.00 +VAT |

Event Location:

Seasons Cafe
Guildford Cathedral
Stag Hill

We are delighted to welcome back our Surrey Technology Forum, an annual event where we investigate different areas of IT and technology, and how these can affect different areas of the workplace. At these events we aim to bring together a panel of keynote speakers from various business sectors, offering businesses an insight into how the future of technology will be changing in the workplace.

This year we are looking at AI, more specially the advancements of AI in the workplace, and how businesses are using AI as a tool to expand, market, or change the way we work. In the next five to ten years, your workplace will look fundamentally different. Thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things and robotics work as we know it will drastically change. The future of work will come with great opportunities but also with plenty of challenges for organisations. 

In the coming decade, your workplace will be datafied and digitalized, and it is important for businesses to be aware of the inevitable changes which will be coming yourself. The way we hire, manage our data, market, and authenticate users will change, and we aim to look into the key ways AI will affect the workplace in this event.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most important technologies that we will see in our lifetimes. Although there is undoubted hype surrounding AI, the current growth in this new technology is likely to have an impact comparable to the advent of personal computing, the Internet, mobile phones and other recent technologies.

So, what is AI? The discipline of AI stretches back to the 1950s but the current AI revolution is focused on ‘machine learning’, most commonly ‘deep learning’. Instead of writing programmes that specifically instruct a computer what to do, systems learn by example. This involves training the AI system on vast datasets such as images, sounds or other forms of data, depending on the problem we want to solve. This makes it possible to undertake tasks that were previously too complex, too poorly understood or too expensive for conventional computing approaches to address.

AI is already being deployed in a vast range of areas, from fintech to medical imaging, from chatbots to broadcast media, from food production to criminal justice, from marketing to education, from autonomous vehicles to social media. In the Surrey University’s Research Park alone, we have companies developing AI for fraud detection, drone navigation, biometric security, land usage monitoring, cyber security, map interpretation, site planning, medical testing and robotic systems.

As with any transformative technology, there are challenges to overcome. AI systems will change how we work, demanding new skills and creating new roles. There are ethical and legal issues such as autonomy, bias, fair access, safety and security. And then there is the hype. We need to understand what these new AI systems can and can’t do, what they should and shouldn’t be used for, and how they are designed to assist, rather than displace, human skills and knowledge.

Event agenda
12:00: Event starts and introduction from Dr Andrew Rogoyski from University of Surrey
12:10: Event sponsor invited to speak
12:15: Clare Hawthorn, Business Services & Outsourcing Director at BDO
12:30: Gerianne De Klerk, Head of Psychometrics at 10X Psychology
12:45: Tea and coffee break
13:00: Steve Woods, CEO of Smarttplay
13:15: Thom Gibbons, CEO of Apptaura
13:30: Q&A session
13:45: Close and networking

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