Forthcoming Event

Yoga Networking - Disconnet To Reconnect

Friday 17/09/2021

Event Time: 07:45 - 09:45

Event Theme: Business Women In Surrey

Price: Member Rate: £25.00 +VAT | Non Member Rate: £35.00 +VAT |

Event Location:

Foxhills Club & Resort
Stonehill Road
KT16 0EL

How are you doing? How's work? Busy?

If this is your answer, more often than not to questions like this, quite frankly you may not be following a fair work-life balance. In this hyper connected world we live in, it can be very difficult to fully switch off and disconnect from work and find time to focus and reconnect yourself.

Dedicate your morning to join us at our yoga event and prove to yourself how easy it can be to even out your work-life balance. Feel free of notifications and work life during your yoga practice and take this time to focus just on yourself and enjoy that feeling of rejuvenation. Join us for a 1-hour yoga class on the 17th of September at Foxhill's stunning Yoga Cabin.  Built from sustainable, natural timber, immerse yourself in calmness in Foxhills' unique woodland environment to feel refreshed and balanced – both in mind and body.

Following your yoga practice, wind down over a light breakfast where you can refuel your body and connect with all the other lovely people in your yoga class. A chance to make new contacts or perhaps a new yoga buddy!