Forthcoming Event

Business Bites Networking Lunch

Friday 11/02/2022

Event Time: 12:00 - 14:00

Event Theme: Networking PM

Price: Member Rate: £25.00 +VAT | Non Member Rate: £35.00 +VAT |

Event Location:

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Welcome to Business Bites - a networking lunch with a guest speaker and an interesting topic of choice. Dipping into our vast pool of members and all their knowledge, we have decided to present Business Bites, with various of our members presenting of a variety of business-related topics!

With our schedules only getting busier, it can be hard balancing work hours and home life. Whether it’s the school run or you’re just not a morning person, perhaps it’s hard to commit to attend evening events or maybe you just need a rest!  

Running from 12 - 2pm, the Networking Lunch is the perfect opportunity to meet new clients in the area. You can enjoy some informal networking over a light lunch with fellow members, clients and future customers.

Our venue - Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

The Yvonne Arnaud is a leading regional theatre, and registered charity, second to none for producing and presenting vibrant, outstanding, entertaining drama.

They opened their doors in 1965 and have been providing the people of Guildford, Surrey, and beyond with excellent vibrant drama and entertainment since. Maximising a wonderful location, the revitalised and refurbished Yvonne Arnaud Theatre will be a destination venue for audiences, participants, and visitors. The Yvonne Arnaud will be regenerated within its community, underpinning its vision of a revived future within Guildford and as an essential part of UK theatre.


Our guest speaker – Jo McGowan of Get Ahead VA
Where does the time go? - Stop getting in the way of your business growth.

This workshop style talk will get you to really home in on the aspects of their business that are not the best use of your time and what you can do about it. This 10/15-minute talk will take you through a simple process to see how you can get more time back to do the things you love and are good at in your business, and how you can decide what needs to be moved off your desk.  We will also take a look at a simple way to start defining business processes that will improve and spotlight any efficiencies that can be made.

What will you learn?

  • How to evaluate where your business is now
  • How to decide where your time is best spent
  • How to define processes in your business
  • How to get ahead!