Forthcoming Event

Understanding Tariff Codes

Friday 17/09/2021

Event Time: 09:30 - 12:30

Event Theme: International Trade

Price: Member Rate: £175.00 +VAT | Non Member Rate: £220.00 +VAT |

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Please note due to Covid-19 this session will now be delivered virtually. 

This half-day training course covers all the key elements of the Tariff/Commodity Code. 
The course will highlight commercial implications of the correct use of the Tariff/Commodity code and why it is so important to have a good understanding of them, which will help towards successful and efficient global business. 

Key learning objectives:

  • Explanation and importance of the Tariff
  • How a Tariff/Commodity code is made up
  • Determining the correct code for your products
  • The export process and customs information requirements
    • Shipments to the EU
  • Tariff and Trade Agreements
    • The Rules of Origin and how to comply and benefit from them
    • EUR1 compliance
    • BREXIT Impact
  • Tariff and Export Licences
  • Landed cost analysis
    • How to work out the costs of your products in export markets
    • Checking overseas tariffs for import compliance and competitiveness
  • Sources of information
This course is designed for people who may be new to exporting plus experienced business people who may need to keep up with industry updates. 

Registration deadline: 16/09/2021