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Sales Lunch and Learn Session with Anita Saini!

Tuesday 02/07/2024

Event Time: 12:00 - 13:30

Event Theme: None

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Virtual Event

Whether you like it or not you need make sales - if you want to grow your business and even stay in business. Elevating your sales performance and transforming into a sales and growth focused organisation is key. 
What’s your approach - very specific? Doing just one type of sales activity? Scattergun, going for everything and anything you can? It can be overwhelming for business owners as well as sales professionals!
How and where do you even start your sales activity? 

Join me to learn about the best way to start planning and strategising, as well ask executing your sales activity. This session will enable you to focus and improve how you are growing your business through more sales and clients or customers. We will even cover areas from a sales leadership and management perspective. Time permitting please bring any sales challenges and questions you have!