Forthcoming Event

Multiply - Redhill

Tuesday 13/02/2024

Event Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Event Theme: Skills

Price: Member Rate: Free Non Member Rate: Free

Event Location:

Morr & Co - Redhill
73 London Road

Designed for working people who want to improve their number skills

Surrey Chambers of Commerce is running a number of sessions to help people who may have missed out on some of the well-known numeracy conundrums!!


Because of government funding via Surrey County Council we are able to run these courses at no cost to the business

Are you a business owner looking to maximise productivity by using technology in your business finance?

You can do this by using spreadsheet software which will help you to keep track of financial health of your business and performance of your employees.

Learners will learn how to use formulas on spreadsheet software which are, calculating percentages, profit, loss and monthly budget.
Learners will also learn how they can create tables and graphs to track different performance indicators in their business.
Understanding of assets and liabilities and how to correctly present them on a spreadsheet to make effective informed decisions based on business performance. 

Please bring a laptop with either Excel or Google Sheets!