Profile: Sector profile summary table

SectorNo. jobs in 2019 (above / below national average)Change in jobs 2019 -2022 (Nation)No. businesses in 2021Median average salary*Top five specialised skills**Top soft skills**Job postings regional breakdown**
(% with 1-4 employees)
Advanced manufacturing & engineering51,068-14.70%5,748£34.0k1. Mechanical engineering1. Communications1. Basingstoke and Deane
13% above(-5%)-78%2. Machinery2. Management2. Guildford
3. Auditing3. Customer service3. Rushmoor
4. Engineering design process4. Planning4. Test Valley
5. Electrical engineering5. Detail oriented5. Woking
Aerospace, space & satellite5,8633.80%376£43.3k1. Agile Methodology1. Communications1. Guildford
18% below(-10.4%)-77%2. SQL (Programming Language)2. Management2. Basingstoke and Deane
3. Microsoft Azure3. Customer service3. Rushmoor
4. Automation4. Problem solving4. Woking
5. C# (Programming Language)5. Planning5. Reigate and Banstead
Construction52,8656.00%13,834£34.7k1. Construction1. Management1. Guildford
17% above(+1.9%)-86%2. Carpentry2. Communications2. Basingstoke and Deane
3. Painting3. Planning3. Winchester
4. Civil engineering4. Customer service4. Reigate and Banstead
5. Plumbing5. Leadership5. Rushmoor
Creative59,2432.50%14,997£45.1k1. Marketing1. Communications1. Guildford
41% above (+1.8%)-90%2. Agile methodology2. Management2. Basingstoke and Deane
3. Javascript (Programming language)3. Sales3. Rushmoor
4. SQL (Programming language)4. Planning4. Reigate and Banstead
5. C# (Programming language)5. Customer service5. Woking
Health & Social care120,068-0.60%5,011£25.5k1. Nursing1. Communications1. Guildford
2% below (+6.1%)-46%2. Personal care2. Management2. Basingstoke and Deane
3. Mental health3. Teaching3. Reigate and Banstead
4. Auditing4. Leadership4. Epsom and Ewell
5. Midwifery5. Customer service5. Winchester
Hospitality & tourism96,559-3.90%8,377£17.6k1. Restaurant operation1. Customer service1. Guildford
0% above (-2.5%)-50%2. Cooking2. Communications2. Elmbridge
3. Food safety and sanitation3. Management3. Basingstoke and Deane
4. Food preparation4. Cleanliness4. Winchester
5. Stock control5. Enthusiasm5. Waverley
IT73,804-7.10%12,774£50.9k1. Agile methodology1. Communications1. Guildford
66% above(+4.1%)-87%2. SQL (Programming language)2. Management2. Basingstoke and Deane
3. Javascript (Programming language)3. Customer service3. Rushmoor
4. Microsoft Azure4. Problem solving4. Reigate and Banstead
5. C# (Programming language)5. Leadership5. Woking
Land based (incl. Animal health and welfare)22,146-3.40%3,925£22.8k1. Landscaping1. Communications1. Guildford
40% above (+0.7%)-77%2. Mowing2. Management2. Basingstoke and Deane
3. Gardening3. Coaching3. Winchester
4. Machinery4. Customer service4. Woking
5. Weed control5. Planning5. Test Valley
Professional services94,6723.30%22,149£36.0k1. Finance1. Communications1. Guildford
7% above (+4.7%)-88%2. Accounting2. Sales2. Basingstoke and Deane
3. Marketing3. Management3. Reigate and Banstead
4. Invoicing4. Customer service4. Rushmoor
5. Auditing5. Detail oriented5. Elmbridge

Table XX: Sector profile summary table | Source: Lightcast | * LSIP = £30.0k; South East = £30.0k; Nation = £31.2k | ** January 2019 – December 2022