NEW Skills Webinar series to help your business connect with talent

‘FE is a place for people who relish change and wish to be at the forefront of a national move to create a highly skilled workforce fit for the challenges of the future.’ But what if you’re a business trying to engage with the education and skills system to solve your perennial recruitment challenges? We want to help.

The skills landscape is continually evolving and meantime, the biggest challenge for employers remains: Finding the right people with the right skills.

We recognise this and, starting on 5 June, we’re introducing a series of interactive skills webinars to help employers navigate the system and identify effective strategies to reach and engage with skilled talent. The first webinar will focus on an overview of the system – the ‘Education Landscape’. Future webinars will take a deep dive into each of the following and promise to home in on how they can help your business grow and thrive:

  • Apprenticeships and how they can help your business to prosper
  • Careers Hubs and how businesses can impact on the levels of workplace skills gained within the education system
  • Skills Bootcamps and how they solve immediate skills needs
  • Multiply and upskilling numeracy in the workplace
  • T Levels and how they relate to the workplace
  • Accessing Untapped talent to widen your recruitment pool
  • Work experience and how it can develop into a recruitment opportunity
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Skills Webinar Series

Apprenticeships to Z codes: An employer’s guide to the education and skills landscape

5th June | 09:00-09:45 am
Presented by: The Education Landscape
In support with: Surrey Chambers of Commerce | Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

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