New recruitment toolkit for SMEs: Developing a Skills-based hiring approach 

Micro and small enterprises make up 98% of the business base across the LSIP area. Their continued growth and success is vital in these times of rapid change: Environmental, technological and social. Therefore, businesses need the right talent to adapt and thrive which means recruiting individuals with the right skills.

But how does a business ensure their recruitment processes are focused on skills to target, attract, prepare and select great candidates? 

A new toolkit offers some practical solutions, with insights on how to clearly communicate the skills you are looking for and how to spot these in your recruitment process.

The ‘Recruiting with Essential Skills’ Toolkit, aimed at smaller businesses, has been developed by the Skills Builder Partnership in collaboration with Lloyds Banking Group. It provides practical advice and guidance towards an essential skills-based approach to preparing and selecting the right candidates with the right skills for your business. 

Access the free toolkit today to find out more here