Training Workshop – Psychological Safety

In this month’s session Lisa will talk through what Psychological Safety is and the benefits of driving it up on your team.  We will explore models which will support you to identify how to increase trust, identity actions to improve psychological safety and review a range of contributing factors will that create a sense of ‘belonging’ on your team.

Lisa Carver is a Team & Leadership Development expert, who supports people to excel at work, whilst they navigate change, turbulence and pressure.   Lisa is skilled in coaching individuals and teams.  She has a passion for people and understanding what motivates and drives them to be happy and successful.  She drives, designs and delivers programmes for organisations alongside an outstanding team of masters level associate coaches and organisational psychologists.

Lisa’s specialist areas are:
– Leadership & team work.
– Mobilising people into action.
– Strategy, decision making and hitting targets.
– Organisational change, team conflict and dynamics
– Supporting people to perform & thrive despite turbulence & challenge.
– Sales, psychology and relationships
– Wellbeing, Stress, Resilience management & conversations
– Impact, promotion, confidence and assertiveness.
– Psychological Safety and Belonging.
– Communication & Difficult Conversations