Training Workshop – Getting more sales with LinkedIn!

Please join us for this month’s Training Workshop led by Anita Saini from HX Solutions.

Getting more Sales with LinkedIn! Lead Generation, Messaging & Your Sales Process

How are you going to market and selling your product & services? Have you explored the world of LinkedIn and using it as a key sales tool? You don’t even need the fancy packages.
Let’s go through B2B Linkedin Lead Generation and how you can make it a successful source for finding new clients and naturally increasing your revenue!
We will go through a brief overview of LinkedIn, your profile, and the lead generation and sales process of using Linkedin as your sales tool.  You’ll be able to leave with new templates and ideas around your messaging (video or voice notes), emails, and pitch. Also, take away an understanding of how Linkedin can be utilised within your current sales cycle and when it should be used along side your other sales and lead generation activities.
If time permits, you will have some practice time so you can ask me any questions pertaining to your situation.

This course is beneficial for all professionals who want to perk up their Linkedin knowledge and activity. Whether you’re a business owner, or you have staff that you think would be able to utilise this learning to grow their sales, or you are just starting out – please join us, all are welcome!

HX Solutions are focused on empowering, educating and delivering ethical sales support to individuals as well as organisations. Our focus and approach is based on consultative and value-driven selling. We deliver hands-on sales consultancy, sales training & workshops, sales mentoring & coaching to groups and one-to-one.  We enjoy building confidence and changing mindsets of individuals views on ‘sales’ – as everyone has the capability to sell themselves in interviews or sales meetings! LinkedIn, growing more sales, and improving the sales process has been in high demand for us as many professionals and businesses have felt they needed a shake up since much of the sales process and communication is online now, so this is just one specific area of a plethora of topics that will be discussed. If you have ever met or worked with Anita, you know that she will deliver an engaging, fun and enjoyable experience for you all!

Look forward to seeing you there!