Move to 5G: Impact and Potential for your Business

29th November 2021

Virtual Event Date: 23rd November 2021

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss was about 5G? Do you want to hear more about what local government is doing to support access to communications technologies like 5G? Do you have an idea or an opportunity but need access to more expertise or business contacts to make it real? Do you want to hear how other businesses are using 5G to boost their businesses?

On the 23rd of November, we hosted the first in a series of business-oriented tech talks where we explore the challenges and opportunities of using 5G. Provided in partnership between Waverley Borough Council, Surrey Chambers of Commerce and the University of Surrey, this session will provide some insights into the current state of 5G development and deployment. Speakers include:

  • Dr Andrew Rogoyski – University of Surrey. Andrew will talk about the basics of 5G, the University’s leading role in national research in 5G and some 5G-related business opportunities;
  • Adrian Braine, Root21 – Adrian will describe how his company helps businesses maximise the commercial impact of product development using technologies like 5G.
  • Councillor Liz Townsend. Liz is keen to find out how the council can assist your business with technology and 5G. She will share how Waverley Borough Council is working hard to support the local business community using new technology and this event provides an opportunity to explore how this can be developed further.
  • Also hear from case study epitomical

Epitomical is focused on providing Autonomous machines as a service across multiple markets. Our initial target markets include Last-mile Logistics, Agriculture and Industry 4.0. The company builds connected and autonomous machines including unmanned systems for both air and ground operations, integrates associated infrastructure and offers cloud services.