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Co/ordination/Manager role for Surrey Climate Commission

7th March 2022

Job purpose     To co-ordinate and manage the day-to-day activities of the Surrey Climate Commission.


Term – Part Time 2- 2 ½ days per week  


Remuneration  £15k (final package tbc)


Principal Activities


Communication/Signposting Role

  1. To assist in the setting up and delivery of a communications campaign using multiple channels to encourage sustainable consumption and living. e.g., reusing, reducing consumption, buying local, buying sustainably, active travel, car sharing and waste minimization.


2     To deliver the above through our existing network of community groups, climate hubs

and alliances and to continue to develop this network further.


3    To build a support role as part of this campaign by co-ordinating and motivating

Volunteers from the Commission and the wider network to provide education and

guidance to residents and organisations, when required.


4    To provide an on-going signposting role to assist the spread of good practice, useful

guidance and assistance with funding opportunities amongst our networks.


5   To co-ordinate the effective measurement of these campaigns, including input on how

this impacts on Surrey’s Carbon Baseline.


6   Collation of feedback from our network that can be used in lobbying Government,

particularly via the PCAN network.


Management/Administration Role


  • Work with our 3 main working groups (Transport, Energy and Built Environment,

Community and Engagement) to facilitate effective action and engagement in each of these areas.


  • Help with organising events and meetings for Core and Working Groups.


3    Oversee effective management of our profile via Website, social media, and press.


Accountable to:         Surrey Climate Commission Core Group


Principal contacts:     Richard Essex

Person specification   Chair of Surrey Climate Commission