Spend Management software for organisations, including online travel booking and integration to purchasing ecosystems.

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    Free trial until 2022 - Neo1 Spend & Travel Management by American Express GBT

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    Due to the business interruption COVID-19 has caused you maybe using this time to review internal processes and we want our fellow member businesses to come out stronger than before.
    Neo1 can help with a key area, spend management through controlling employee expenses, purchasing via Amazon Business, integration with all accounting platforms and a market first BI platform.
    When travel restrictions ease, also included is access to AMEX GBT’s buying power via Neo (Online Booking Tool) and our 24/7 worldwide traveller assistance.
    We are allowing unlimited use of the platform at no cost until 2022, with a 60 day rolling contract to opt out at anytime. Set up takes less than 5 business days and there is no obligation to uptake an American Express card facility.
    There is no downside to trialling the tool, so if interested visit neo1.com for more info or please register for quick virtual demo.

    Feel free to contact Chris Beagley on +44 (0) 7384 258144 or christopher.beagley@amexgbt.com anytime.

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