Enough bull....
Apptaura is a specialist app design and development agency, taking the bull by the horns and writing great code to challenge and change our world – BOOM!

We build apps from the ground up. Coding natively for Android and iOS devices, creating bespoke apps that drive business, increase conversions and provide a streamlined experience for customers.

No bull(sh*t). We work directly with clients, reactively responding to the unique challenges they bring and working in partnership for every part of the app development process, including:

Consultation and Collaboration – unpicking project objectives, commercial analysis, and technical planning.

Design and UX – wireframes, layouts, user journey mapping – all the finer details.

Build and Develop – R&D, development sprints, where the magic happens…!

Review and Adapt – UA testing, prototype access, bug hunting.

Launch and Onboarding – App store approval, go live, download reports.

Maintenance and Support – Monthly service reports, OS updates, security maintenance.

We’re located 45 mins from London, so if any of this gives you the horn, get in touch!

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