UK Certificate of Origin

As of 1st January 2021, the UK is no longer part of the EU and is deemed a ‘third country’.  From the above date, UK businesses will no longer be able to apply and use the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN when moving goods around the world. The UK CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN has replaced this document for UK businesses. 

An UK Certificate of Origin is issued for goods that are being sold and permanently exported to non-Arab countries as well as Egypt and Iran. We can also process any other commercial document required for international trade, either alongside your Certificate of Origin or as a separate document.

 What documents do we process?

  • UK Certificates of Origin
  • Invoices and packing lists
  • Egyptian Certificates of Origin. These are processed using standard UK Certificate forms
  • Any other commercial or legal documents required for international trade such as: Power of Attorney, Distributor Agreement, Health Certificate, Certificate of Free Sale, Trademark Certificate, Commercial Contract, Article of Association, Certificate of Incorporation etc.

What documents do I need to supply as backup?

  • Commercial Invoice and packing list
  • If the goods are of foreign origin, we will also require commercial documentary proof such as a copy of the Certificate of Origin provided by the manufacturer, a Manufacturer’s Commercial Invoice or a Suppliers Declaration.
  • If applying manually, provide a cover letter specifying what needs to be done, payment (if applicable) and contact details in case of a query. Also, if the document (other than a CO) is to be Certified we will require an extra copy of the document. If the document is to be legalised, we will require three copies of the document.

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