Arab Certificate of Origin

There is a special document that is called for by countries that are members of the Arab League – the Arab-British Certificate of Origin.

Similar to the European Community Certificate of Origin, it is an important international trade document which identifies the origin of the goods that you are exporting.

It can be required for different reasons such as customs clearance in the buyer’s country or payment via a Letter of Credit. So, it is vitally important that you submit the correct documentation.

Arab-British Chamber Certificates of Origin can be used when exporting to the following markets, as the EC Certificate of Origin may not be accepted as a substitute.

                ALGERIA                 BAHRAIN
                DJIBOUTI                 IRAQ
                JORDAN                 KUWAIT
                LEBANON                 LIBYA
                MAURITANIA                 MOROCCO
                OMAN                 PALESTINE
                QATAR                 SAUDI ARABIA
                SOMALIA                 SUDAN
                SYRIA                 TUNISIA
                UNITED ARAB EMIRATES                 YEMEN


If you are exporting to this part of the world then it is important to check with your customer exactly which types of trade documentation they require. If the importer requires the Certificate of Origin to be legalised by the Embassy, then you will need to complete the Arab-British Certificate of Origin.

The document requires authentication by a Chamber of Commerce, Certification by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, and where requested legalisation from the Embassy.

If legalisation is required then contact us on 01483 735540 to find out how much this will cost, as for some destinations the costs can be quite high.

You should also be aware that it may take up to 28 days to get these documents legalised and returned to you.

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