Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace An estimated 172 million working days are lost to absenteeism every year. Businesses should be making sure that their employee’s health is paramount, taking into consideration mental health, physical health and environment. The benefits of having a healthy, happy workforce are that productivity and staff moral will improve, there will be reduced absenteeism and staff turnover and you will make your company an employer of choice.

Surrey Chambers work closely with various organisations to arrange a number of health challenges which are designed to get employees fits and active whilst are creating team spirit. Together we recognise that people’s lives are busy and as the years pass it gets harder and harder to find the time for active hobbies.

The benefits of keeping active are clear. As well as physical fitness we should not forget the positive effect of relieving stress, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and pivotal role activity can play in building confidence and positive spirit.

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