CSR Forum

Surrey Chambers CSR Forum is raring to go!

One of the great things about working for Surrey Chambers of Commerce is the sheer variety of what we get involved in. We listen to our members and deliver events and activities which meet with their needs. One of our recent initiatives was the revival of our Surrey Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum.

We offer many opportunities for businesses to demonstrate their CSR commitment including working with member charities, taking part in Careers Fairs and supporting fledgling start-up businesses. But there are so many other ways that businesses are contributing to the local community. In today’s society running a good business is not just about providing a great experience for customers, but letting those customers know that their money is being used for something good too. Many staff members will say they want to work for a business that cares about its community and will happily volunteer for local initiatives. What’s missing is wider recognition of our enormous array of civic-minded businesses, whose people give up thousands of hours of their free time for community activities, and raise millions each year for local charities. We know of several business leaders who demonstrate their commitment to young people by giving their time to partner with local schools, serve on governing bodies, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the forum is to highlight best practice and to create a catalyst by bringing great causes together with businesses. Ideas are created, relationships are formed and CSR activities are increased. We will then be celebrating and recognising our local business achievements.

As a charity and a member of Surrey Chambers of Commerce, you are welcome to add yourself to our charities list, which is sent directly to our CSR Forum members, and can also be seen here:

Surrey Chambers of Commerce Charities List

To get involved with the Surrey Chambers CSR forum please email Louise Punter or give her a call on 01483 735540.