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As a small growing new business we think carefully about every penny we spend. Not least because it’s in our DNA; as a strategic marketing consultancy, part of our role is advising our business clients on the appropriate marketing spend and blend of activity required to support their business vision, strategy and goals.

Our Surrey Chambers of Commerce membership renewal arrived just as a flurry of other invoices for payment landed. Not exactly what you want to start the week with. However, this was a payment we happily processed because for us it represents value on so many levels.

To pick just 3 benefits we get from being a member of the Surrey Chambers:

  1. It keeps our finger on the pulse of what matters to business and it grounds us in reality. The variety of businesses we get to meet and hear from through the Surrey Chambers events enriches our knowledge and broadens our perspectives.
  2. It enables lots of face to face discussions. Whilst the world is somewhat digital obsessed, there comes a time when you need to engage in the real world, and take part in physical conversations. Ultimately, people buy people and nothing can replace meeting in person, which is facilitated by the wide range of events Surrey Chambers organise.
  3. It strengthens our purpose, which is “to see business empowered with the best marketing because that means better business, and better business changes our world for the better”. We support the Chamber so it can effectively represent business to the wider world and effect positive change, which in turn helps us to continue to do what we do for our business clients.


Suffice to say we look forward to another year of active membership getting to engage with more Surrey Chamber members and sharing knowledge and networks.


Jarmila Yu

Managing Director & Consulting Chief Marketing Officer

YUnique Marketing Ltd

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