Furbabies Mobile Dog Wash & Grooming

Wendy Hesketh –Dewer recently took over a close friend’s mobile dog grooming service, ‘FurBabies’.

The business offers a mobile grooming service which Wendy believes is a more relaxing service, reducing the stress that a dog may feel when being fully groomed.  Having been employed within the automobile sector for over twenty years and then having lived in Dubai for several years, Wendy found herself in a difficult position – the banks would not loan her any money.  Wendy searched vigorously for a loan, however finding someone to lend the money at a reasonable rate of interest proved hard.

Wendy heard about the specialist Start-up Business Clinics offered by Surrey Heath Borough Council and Surrey Chambers of Commerce and decided to give them a try.  Wendy had a 1-2 -1 meeting with Richard, her business adviser, which helped her put a structured and strategic business plan together.  This put her in the position to launch her dog grooming business. Her adviser then put Wendy in contact with the Fredericks Foundation – a charity which looks to lend money to businesses that have been rejected by the banks – and she finally received the loan she had been waiting for- £10,000.  The knowledge she gained from the business clinics showed Wendy that she would be able to follow what she has always wanted to do, as well as giving her the confidence to go ahead.

Wendy says the “business clinics had a measured benefit and without the support and direction she would not have received the loan.  She believes she is in prime position, located in Surrey and expects the business to grow into a huge success. Already FurBabies has 118 bookings with active clients and Wendy believes there is a demand and gap in the market. Wendy says, “The business clinics have helped facilitate what I have always wanted to do. I am nervous but very excited in the same measure as dogs have always been a huge part of my life.”


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