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About FdK Design Consultants

FdK Design Consultants is a multi-discipline design company that helps its clients to improve their profitability, brand equity and client and staff relationships through applying the principle that ‘Good Design is Good Business’

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FdK offers graduates paid internship

Surrey Chambers Patron FdK Design Consultants has taken on its first two design graduates from the University of Creative Arts for a year-long, paid internship, created in response to changing career ambitions and education concerns.

FdK aims to take on two interns each year and graduates from any design-related course at UCA’s Farnham campus can apply. The consultancy has 25 years experience in the design industry and wants to pass on that knowledge to young designers.

Last year, 89% of UCA graduates were either in employment or further study after a year. However, Senior Graphic Communication Lecturer Catharine Brooking has noticed a shift in students’ ambition away from working for an agency.

Brooking said: “Many of our students are now demonstrating considerable interest in entrepreneurial approaches to their careers including freelancing and setting up their own businesses.”

At the same time, a major concern for design graduates has been highlighted in a recent survey by British Design & Art Direction (D&AD). They found that 90% of designers don’t think education is preparing students for work in the design industry, with all respondents agreeing that it could affect UK design’s international standing.

This makes FdK’s year-long placement all the more important as it takes students’ shifting career interests into account and gives them the skills they need to be successful, whichever path they may choose in the industry.

FdK’s managing partner Simon de Kretser said: “We want to actively encourage the interns to use the experience they gain to seek interviews and find a job to move on to – possibly even before the year is up. We will provide support, encouragement and review of their portfolios and try to create any opportunities that we can.”

FdK recently welcomed Olivia Lockwood and Harriet Leavers from the BA Graphic Communication course, who will be using industry-standard equipment and software and working on real projects for real clients that they can add to their portfolios.

Brooking said: “I think the new interns will feel valued in quite a different way, causing them to be more open to learning opportunities and personal growth. I know how grateful our graduates are to have been given this chance.”